Kirk Woll
Dec 24
Creating a public image in Google Drive without middleware in ASP.NET Core

Using Razor pages to manually handle google authentication without built-in core middleware. Then using the access token you obtain, uploading an image to a user's google drive with a publicly accessible URL.

Dec 08
Consuming Razor tag helpers from other tag helpers

Using a TagHelper from another TagHelper is not straightforward. This StackOverflow answer provides the basics for how to do it, but there's a ton of boilerplate.

For example, here's the answer to the original question:

var anchorTagHelper = new AnchorTagHelper
    Action = "Home",
var anchorOutput = new TagHelperOutput("a", new TagHelperAttributeList(), (useCachedResult, encoder) => new HtmlString());
var anchorContext = n
Dec 02
Implementing "partial date" in C#

This handles the scenario in which you want to specify dates that might not have the specific precision of a full date. Such as "May 2015" vs. "May 3, 2015".

Nov 29
Subtle problem cloning a github repo using ssh

After following all the instructions on GitHub around setting up ssh access, I was still failing to check out a repo.

Nov 29
Contributing to Blazor

While the documentation at the official Blazor is great, I wasn't able to build the solution without a few extra steps.

Nov 29
Synchronizing scroll bars between an editor and its preview

After using the helpful tips provided on this StackOverflow question on how to synchronize the scroll bars between an editor (such as for markdown) and a preview panel, I cleaned it up to make it more re-usable.

Just include this anywhere you define your scripts (I'd recommend a script declared in your head so you don't have to mess with window.onload silliness.

function synchronizeScroll(ed